Turbo Research Storage

Turbo Research Storage offers scalable storage to U-M researchers. The service provides NFSv3 and NFSv4 access. Turbo offers two security levels, one for some types of sensitive data, and one for non-sensitive data. Performance is intended to be sufficient for both IO operations and build file access

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ARC-TS Turbo Research Storage (Turbo) provides scalable storage to University of Michigan researchers. The service offers two security levels, one for some types of sensitive data and one for non-sensitive data. The service provides CIFS, NFSv3 and NFSv4 access. Performance is intended to be sufficient for both IO operations and bulk file access, allowing researchers to work with data in place and avoid excessive data staging.

Only the CIFS and NFSv4+Kerberos protocol may be used for select types of sensitive data and for roaming users. Off campus roaming users will also be required to access using CIFS and NFSv4+Kerberos via the ITS VPN.


Turbo Research Storage provides the research community the ability to store, access, and compute on large amounts of data with ease of access and provisioning, thus increasing researcher productivity and institutional competitiveness while meeting the needs of sensitive data in research.

The service provides replication and optional snapshots.  With replication, data is written to storage at a separate location for purposes of data protection and service continuity. Snapshots provide customers with a read-only copy of their data that is frozen at a specific point-in-time.

Turbo can only be used for research data.  It is tuned for large files (1MB or greater) but is capable of handling small files such as documents, spreadsheets, etc.  It is not intended as a block device replacement (iSCSI, local disk) as required by a relational database.  Turbo along with Globus sharing should work well for sharing and hosting data for external collaborators and institutes.

The service is designed to easily connect with Flux, the shared U-M computing cluster, as well as off-campus computing systems and collaborators.

Who can use the service?: 

Turbo is available to faculty, scientists, clinicians, and students working on any campus (Ann Arbor, Flint, Dearborn, Medical) or off site with needs to store and retain research data.

Where can the service be used?: 

Turbo can be used on campus or remotely via the U-M VPN using CIFS or NFSv4 with Kerberos authentication and encryption (krb5p).

Rates & Pricing: 

Turbo is available in increments of 1TB, at a monthly cost of $9.60 per terabyte unreplicated, or $19.20 per terabyte replicated.

User Groups: