MiVideo is a content management service. It helps organize, catalog, share, search, and publish multimedia content. Management consoles make it easy to tag and filter content, as well as control access. MiVideo offers better security than free third-party vendors. Instructors can use MiVideo for free through the Learning Management Systems (Canvas and Blackboard). Departments can purchase the service to support Research and Marketing/Communications efforts.

This service is currently: 

For questions or assistance related to this service

Please contact the ITS Service Center
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MiVideo service uses the Kaltura video platform. It offers management, distribution, storage, and live streaming functions. Easy-to-use consoles help you organize and catalog media, as well as add metadata to improve search and sharing.


Other service features include:

Manage multimedia content through MiVideo

  • Upload most multimedia file types (bulk + FTP)
  • Automatically transcode to a variety of output files
  • Build categories, playlists, channels
  • Use metadata fields to tag, manage, search, expose content
  • Package videos with supporting documents (PDF, PPT, .doc)
  • Moderate & use workflows
  • Capture analytics

Distribute, Publish, Syndicate Content

  • Present content on multiple devices
  • Publish videos in websites, CTools, and MediaSpace
  • Customize playlists
  • Live stream and Stream in HD
  • Control access and scheduling
  • Provide content with a 508 accessible Flash player
  • Push content to multiple sites from central dashboard

Provides an easy-to-use, web-based solution for

Teaching & Learning:

  • Integrates with CTools learning management system
  • Expands faculty/student video interactions through collaboration tools
  • Enables instructors and students to upload, view, and share rich media materials.
  • Enhances training efforts.


  • Manages media files that are part of a research project
  • Streams videos to research staff.
  • Annotates, time stamps, packages with other related files (e.g. pdf, jpg, doc, etc.) for download.
  • Provides security features to help manage access and scheduling


  • Offers your content in a branded, YouTube-like experience for viewers
  • Enables galleries, playlists, and social sharing
  • Distributes to third-party destinations (e.g. YouTube, Hulu, etc.)
  • Captures analytics
Standard Feature or Capability Description
Management Console Helps you store and organize uploaded video content and metadata information. There are shared or dedicated options available.
Multiple Viewing Formats Automatically convert any type of uploaded video into a variety of file types or “flavors.” The service detects viewer speed and device capabilities to deliver the optimal flavor.
Reporting Assess and improve the effectiveness of video production and consumption with analytics. Examples include viewer location, engagement, drop-off, device-type, traffic and popularity trends.
Video Editing Trim or create multiple clips from a single video. Create an edited sequence (playlist) of clips and entries for playback. Add time-based cue points. Create thumbnails. Upload caption files.
Administrative User Management Create and maintain user roles.
Access and Authentication Use roles to define who has administrative access to your management console.

Control viewer access to videos through open/public or restricted/authenticated portals.

Shared or Dedicated Storage Store content in the cloud.
Streaming Choose from multiple streaming options:
- embed code placed in existing web sites
- optional MiVideo video portal (MediaSpace)
- CTools portal
- Custom web portals
Monitoring Console administrators can monitor bandwidth. Note, ITS will monitor bandwidth (storage and streaming) as part of the service.
Searching and Sharing Use a standard metadata set and/or add your own to facilitate searching and sharing
Branding Use the optional MiVideo video portal (MediaSpace) and brand the portal domain name (e.g. unitname.mivideo.umich.edu)
Optional Feature Description
Video Portal Provide viewers a consistent video viewing experience including university branding, player options, and playlist selections.


Who can use the service?: 

University units can subscribe to the service to:

  • Enable faculty to incorporate videos in teaching and learning
  • Equip staff with tools to publish, track, and manage video efficiently
  • Organize, distribute, and analyze marketing/communications content
  • Deliver training, simulation, and other instructional content to designated groups

Researchers can subscribe to the service to:

  • Manage media files that are part of a research project
  • Stream video to research staff
  • Control access to sensitive content
Where can the service be used?: 

Authorized users/administrators can access MiVideo from most any device with an Internet connection.

Rates & Pricing: 
  • waived if you are using the service to support courses taught at U-M
  • for other uses, contact the MiVideo support team using the button at the top of this page
User Groups: 
IT Professionals