LSA Web Hosting Environment (WHE)

LSA's Web Hosting Environment (WHE) offers a commercial type webhosting platform for LSA faculty and staff. This service uses cPanel and is most useful primarily for those technically-inclined users with very specific software needs. 

This service is currently: 

For questions or assistance related to this service

Please contact the LSA IT Service Desk
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LSA's Web Hosting Environment (WHE) service uses cPanel and is most useful primarily for those technically-inclined users with very specific software needs. Neither LSA Web Support nor LSA IT provides support after the initial set-up of the hosting environment.

cPanel is a web hosting environment that many commercial vendors use to support running multiple websites on shared servers. Our environment offers a blank canvas for you to create your own site with industry standard HTML, PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL support.  Additionally, we offer several dozen easy-install scripts for configuring common open source web applications such as Wordpress, Omeka, Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki and many other open source web platforms.  Each individual web site is generally restricted to 5GB in size.  

Visit the Getting Started page to get started. On the second page of the Needs Analysis survey, you'll want to select "Web Hosting Environment using cPanel."

Technical Specification (as of November 2017)
Operating System RedHat Linux 6.9
Apache Version Apache 2.4.29
PHP Version Multiple versions including 5.5 / 5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1 are supported
MySQL Version 5.6.38
Python Version 2.6.6
Perl Version 5.10.1
Administrative Tools phpMyAdmin, web administration and file editing, and shell access are available
Ruby Version Ruby is not available

Additional software may be used if it can run within a local user context. Please contact if you have any questions about whether or this environment can meet your requirements.

Who can use the service?: 

The service is available to active LSA faculty and staff.  Please note the Web Content Retention Policy applies to sites on this service. 

Where can the service be used?: 

The service is available both on and off campus. However, administrative access requires being on campus or logged into the campus VPN.

Rates & Pricing: 

This service is free. However, our backend software is licensed in such a way all of our sites must be used for not-for-profit/academic type sites related to LSA and the University of Michigan.

User Groups: 
LSA Units