LSA Network Consulting

LSA IT can work with you and ITS to evaluate your current environment, identify IT requirements for new ones, and coordinate with the relevant U-M partners to improve your networking and IT.

This service is currently: 

For questions or assistance related to this service

Please contact the LSA IT Service Desk
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The LSA IT Infrastructure team works with you and liaises with ITS Comm to:

  • Evaluate your current location and services.
  • Identify IT requirements for a new environment, including the functionality of new space, education, and business direction and objectives.
  • Coordinate with AEC architects, LSA Facilities, or both on space, pathway, power requirements, and budgetary issues.

We hope to have a more detailed service definition posted soon.

Where can the service be used?: 

The service is available for university-affiliated spaces both on and off campus.

Rates & Pricing: 

Consulting services are free. Implementation costs depend on what choices are made.

User Groups: 
IT Professionals
LSA Units