LSA Desktop Support

LSA IT has several teams who provide desktop computer support to faculty and staff across the college. Learn more about what services we provide.

This service is currently: 

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Please contact the LSA IT Service Desk
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LSA IT desktop support teams:

  • Respond to IT requests (prioritized based on urgency with the department) placed via email, phone, or walk-in.
  • Provide support for university-purchased machines that meet minimum LSA IT requirements.
  • Ensure support and network file space for personal and department data, including regulating folder permissions and quotas and maintaining regular backups.
  • Make on-site visits for on-campus requests and provide remote assistance for on- and off-campus requests, but do not make “house calls” to users’ homes.

Our services include:

  • Hardware and peripheral repair
  • Joint classroom support
  • Loaner equipment
  • Mobile device support
  • Network printer support and maintenance
  • Network support and configuration
  • Property disposition
  • Security and backup solutions
  • Software installation and troubleshooting
  • Virus and malware removal

These are discussed in depth in the Features section below.


Hardware and Peripheral Repair

We troubleshoot and replace faulty or damaged computer and peripheral hardware. We have technicians certified in both PC and Mac hardware work.

LSA IT does not and will not offer hardware support for computers beyond 4 years after their purchase date. LSA IT can only support university-purchased hardware. See our currently recommended hardware here.

Joint Classroom Support

We provide, in conjunction with Instructional Support Services, tier-2 hardware support for all LSA classrooms.

Loaner Equipment

LSA IT maintains a small pool of equipment for short-term loan. The availability of equipment can vary by location and priority is given to classroom support. Loaner equipment is intended for emergency, short-term (3 day) use only. We are unable to provide long-term equipment loans.

Mobile Device Support

We provide assistance with network and mail configuration of your mobile device. We also provide a limited set of applications for mobile devices.

Network Printer Support and Maintenance

We set up, maintain, and repair department-purchased networked printers. We assist with the setup of multipurpose printers (such as those from Konica, Sharp, and Xerox, among others). Our technicians will investigate desktop printer issues (such as paper jams) but cannot replace parts or consumables for them.

Network Support and Configuration

We investigate connectivity issues and escalate when and as necessary.

Property Disposition

We assist units with securely wiping hard drives before sending deprecated equipment to Property Disposition.

Security and Backup Solutions

We collaborate with the LSA IT Infrastructure to ensure faculty and staff computers adhere to all security requirements, and we provide assistance and resources for backing up data.

Software Installation and Troubleshooting

We configure all supported machines with a standardized LSA IT desktop image. That image includes the current supported version of Microsoft Windows (PC) or MacOS (Mac) and current versions of common applications, as well as LSA IT support mechanisms.

We can install both university-purchased and non-standard applications. Non-LSA standard software is not supported by LSA IT but can be installed based on security and system requirement analysis. U-M software is not allowed on personal, non-university-owned machines.

Virus and Malware Removal

We can assist in removing viruses and malware, sanitizing and reimaging machines as needed.

Who can use the service?: 

Desktop Support services are provided to LSA-affiliated faculty and staff.

Where can the service be used?: 

Desktop Support is available both on and off campus. Off campus support is done via remote desktop sharing and not in person.

Rates & Pricing: 

Desktop support is a free service. Purchasing new hardware (computers and printers) outside the computer replacement programs may have a cost, and some software titles may have a cost.

User Groups: 
IT Professionals
LSA Units