Connectivity Services

Service Name Related Categories

The UMnet Backbone and Backbone Services are comprised of the Backbone Interconnect Network (BIN), Backbone Core, Distribution Layer (in Data Center and Buildings), all interconnecting links, DNS and DHCP Infrastructure, WiFi Controllers, Captive Portals, RADIUS infrastructure and Research Network.

DirectAccess as a Service

DirectAccess as a Service is a service for schools, colleges, and auxiliary units who wish to provide their constituents with secure access to U-M resources from off campus by subscribing Windows 10 computers to route network traffic through the MiWorkspace DirectAccess servers. The service can be leveraged by Unit IT, who will be responsible for tier 1 and 2 desktop support regarding DirectAccess. The available feature set is included with the MiWorkspace Service.


This service is defined as access to networks outside of the University of Michigan networks. At this time this includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Commodity Internet service (ie most of the Internet), Internet2 (ie mostly other Higher Ed institutions), Michigan Lambda Rail (MiLR), Merit Network, and the CIC OmniPOP.

LSA Desktop Support

LSA IT has several teams who provide desktop computer support to faculty and staff across the college. Learn more about what services we provide.

MiWorkspace MiWorkspace

MiWorkspace is a computing service that provides comprehensive support for U-M faculty and staff’s use of university-owned Windows and Mac computers. It includes desktop support by a campus network of IT professionals, file storage, information security, network connectivity, and secure printing.

Standard Ethernet

Wired ethernet service will be available at data outlets in offices, classrooms, lab spaces, and other areas as necessary.  The in-building network will connect to the campus backbone network at 1Gbps or higher.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) supports wired and wireless IP phones, softphones, analog phones, fax machines, overhead paging systems, and emergency phones. Individual, group, and Contact Center IP Voice Services are available. 


WiFi service will be available in many, but not all, in-building networks across campus. In those places where ITS manages and maintains this service it will appear as MWireless and MGuest when browsing for WiFi networks.