Analytics Services

Service Name Related Categories
Analytics and BI

The Analytics and BI Services consist of strategies, technologies and tools that support analytic capabilities including basic reporting, ad hoc query, dashboards and predictive analytics. Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Services are provided mainly by the business intelligence (BI) tool called BusinessObjects and a dashboard called M-Reports.

LSA ArcGIS Enterprise Service

The ArcGIS Enterprise Service provides members of LSA with access to enterprise-level data collaboration, sharing, and management features. The service supports enterprise geodatabases, web services, and distributed geoprocessing or geoanalytics.

LSA Server and Service Monitoring

LSA Technology Services offers server and service monitoring.

Online Assessment and Surveys

Online Assessment and Surveys provide means to design, execute, and grade assessments to evaluate student progress and competency. These tools may also be used to conduct surveys to collect data in service of a teaching, learning, or research goal.