Future of Cloud Services at U-M


A 2009 assessment of IT at the university showed that U-M can save millions of dollars annually through an increased use of server virtualization and cloud-based services. Internet-based cloud computing services have the potential to revolutionize how we do our work by offering flexible and inexpensive solutions to many different computing problems.

One of the university's first goals is to reduce the number of physical servers in units by transitioning them to MiServer and MiDatabase.

By consolidating these into a central data center managed by ITS, your unit can access and operate programs, applications, databases, and other data without purchasing or maintaining hardware or software.

Using the cloud-like environment offered in the MiServer and MiDatabase services should allow your unit to save money and effort today. In the future, they may also make it easier for you to move to externally provided cloud services when and if those become better choices for your unit.

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