IT Service Provider Toolkit

The IT Service Provider Toolkit (Base Package) allows university organizations and their IT professionals to manage IT-related support tickets in a straight-forward way while taking advantage of a powerful platform like ServiceLink that drives information sharing and collaboration. This service is currently being made available as part of the MiWorkpace effort.  

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The IT Service Provider Toolkit (Base Package) allows University organizations to collaboratively manage IT-related support tickets using a powerful platform  like ServiceLink.

Users can track requests for assistance or service within their own unit or transfer requests amongst themselves and other University service providers such as ITS. 

The Knowledge base feature provides a way for all IT Professionals to document and share information through the toolkit.  Knowledge articles can provide information that enables service providers  to resolve tickets quickly, often without the need to reassign.

The service is configured to offer A Unit oriented view. This helps Unit IT Professionals by providing filtering and reporting capabilities specific to their user base and MiWorkspace asset information.


The features provide a common "toolkit" framework for IT service providers to work better together as an IT community to plan, build, and deliver information technology services in a cohesive manner. 

Ability for Unit IT Staff to:

  • Coordinate, respond and track user issues with a simplified interface
  • Enter and add information about unit services
  • Set and respond to unit service level targets, such as ticket resolution time  
  • Create knowledge records in order to help resolve tickets
  • View detailed user information, including ticket history and MiWorkspace hardware
  • Easily find the support tasks IT staff in the unit should be working on
  • See high-level trends in a specific unit with meaningful views, reports, and information
Who can use the service?: 

Campus IT Service Providers, e.g. Unit IT Professionals within a unit. 

Where can the service be used?: 

Campus IT staff can use the Service Provider Toolkit , which is based on the ServiceNow platform.

Rates & Pricing: 

Not available at this time.

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