Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage offers high-impact visible communication to anyone in U-M buildings and public areas on the U-M Campus.

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Digital signage is a communication medium that uses digital display technology to share information with a targeted audience. The ITS Digital Signage service employs industry-leading FourWinds Interactive (FWi) software as an enterprise digital signage software solution for campus. Digital Signage offers high-impact visible communication to anyone in UM buildings and public areas on the UM Campus.

The ITS Digital Signage service provides a shared digital signage infrastructure and centrally managed media content. Content can include live data, RSS feeds, text, images, HTML, Video, Flash, Excel, PDFs, maps, weather, videos and more!

The digital signage presence on campus promotes events, activities and educational opportunities by providing eye-catching advertising to the campus community with the goals of improving communication across campus, increasing attendance at events, and keeping people informed of any news or critical updates, such as emergency alerts and weather advisories.


Digital Signage offers high-impact visible communication to anyone in UM buildings and public areas on the UM Campus with two types of signs:

Static: Electronic displays presenting news, advertisements and other information.

Interactive: Interactive touchscreens and kiosks allowing users to interact to find directions, access staff directories and more.

The FWi solution is made up of two core components: Content Manager and Content Player.

Content Manager allows users to design, deploy, manage, and monitor a complete digital communications network from a single application.

Content Manager Features:

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Full preview capability: see exactly what your sign will look like before you deploy it
  • Support for multiple content types
  • Built-in interactivity
  • Advanced data integration
  • Sophisticated scheduling options
  • Scalable: single- or multi-tier setup, as many players as you want
  • Innovative mapping and wayfinding
  • Emergency message triggering
  • User and group security, including Active Directory integration

Content Player, a separate component which simply accepts instructions from Content Manager and displays content.

Content Player Features:

  • Designed for reliability and performance
  • Multiple content "channels" make it easy to change sign scenarios
  • Versatile: deploy to static signs and interactive signs
  • Over forty transitions between pieces of content or pages of data
  • Logging and statistics are reported back to Content Manager

Digital Signage System Overview

Who can use the service?: 

Our contract currently covers anyone on the Ann Arbor campus that would like a digital sign. There are both hardware and software preparations that need to be addressed prior to unit rolling onto the ITS Digital Signage service: 

Where can the service be used?: 

The software used to build digital signs requires the use of the VM Ware view client, which needs to be installed on whatever workstation is used by the content managers. The signs themselves are mounted wherever the units choose.

Rates & Pricing: 

The ITS Digital Signage service has an annual cost of $200, billed monthly via SUB ($16.66/mo.) There are, however, other costs associated with digital signage. This table details the anticipated costs associated with digital signage:

Digital Signage Initial Costs

Digital Signage Timeframe and Sign Procurement Process

User Groups: 
IT Professionals
LSA Units