Data & Database Services

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Analytics and BI

The Analytics and BI Services consist of strategies, technologies and tools that support analytic capabilities including basic reporting, ad-hoc query, dashboards and predictive analytics. Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Services are provided mainly by the business intelligence (BI) tool called Business Objects and a dashboard called MReports.


ITS contracts with BlueJeans Network to provide their cloud-based conferencing service to the university. BlueJeans offers audio, video, and content sharing.

University of Michigan BlueJeans accounts are available to all U-M faculty, staff, students, and sponsored affiliates on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses, including the Health System that have opted into the campus contract. Non-university participants can attend BlueJeans meetings without a university account.

Data Centers

ITS Data Centers centrally host research, teaching, clinical and administrative data. They follow industry best practices such as:

  • State-of-the-art climate control to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Advanced fire protection and security systems to improve reliability and redundancy and protect against power outages, breaches or disasters.
  • 24/7/365 maintenance and technical support and robust networking to ensure data availability for units and individuals.
  • Unit access to equipment, as needed.

Data Center offerings include:

  • Michigan Academic Computing Center (MACC)
    The MACC is designed for
    • Hosting data for university units and affiliates.
    • Providing an alternate secure and reliable location for unit servers and equipment.
  • Modular Data Center (MDC)
    The MDC is designed for:
    • Researchers with high computational data needs.
    • Units and individuals working with Advanced Research Computing.
  • Administrative Services Building Data Center
    The ASB Data Center hosts university administrative systems data for ITS.
Data Concierge

The Data Concierge service pilot will enable users to request and obtain administrative and learning management data (FIN, HR, Research, Student, Development, Learning Management, etc.) in a consistent, timely, and secure manner in close collaboration with data owners and subject matter experts. Information Quest (IQ) will leverage and complement existing successful data request processes and make them more consistent and transparent.

For questions or assistance related to this service please contact IQ.

Enterprise Data Services

Enterprise Data Services is a group of services that capture, store, move, integrate, or supply data. These capabilities are used both internally to ITS and elsewhere in the University community. One group of features is comprised of data sets in the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Another group of features are methods of combining enterprise data with local or unit data.


LSA IT provides FileMaker Server database hosting for LSA-affiliated faculty, staff, and units.

LSA ArcGIS Enterprise Service

The ArcGIS Enterprise Service provides members of LSA with access to enterprise-level data collaboration, sharing, and management features. The service supports enterprise geodatabases, web services, and distributed geoprocessing or geoanalytics.

LSA Management Information Systems (MIS)

The Management Information Systems team develops and maintains administrative information systems on behalf of the College and its departments. Additionally, MIS staff perform ad hoc administrative data retrieval and analysis for LSA departments and for the Dean's Office. 

LSA Research Support

LSA IT Advocacy and Research Support staff are happy to provide 4 programs under the "Research Support" service:

  • Data management
  • Device integration
  • Procurement
  • Technology consulting for proposals and grants
M Cloud

M Cloud offers public cloud computing to the University of Michigan community. The service enables the U-M community to more easily consume public cloud computing, integrates resources on campus, provides consulting services and training, and looks for opportunities to provide shared services using cloud computing.


MiDatabase is a virtual server with a managed database. Supported platforms include Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle. ITS will monitor, patch and back up your database so you can focus on managing your data and applications. Reduce effort and costs as you no longer need to buy and manage your own hardware or software. Flexibility to select the right options for your campus computing needs.


MiServer is a virtual server environment managed by ITS. Choose either a Core Server, where you are the system administrator and install all software, or a Managed Server, which allows you to focus on managing applications instead of the operating system. Both options free you from managing physical servers and offer flexibility to select the right options for your campus computing needs.

Research HPC

Flux is the first university-wide, shared computational discovery or high-performance computing (HPC) service. It is designed to support both compute- and data-intensive research. Instead of the common practice of researchers owning the equipment, Flux uses an allocation approach that enables researchers to have faster access to HPC services.

Turbo Research Storage

Turbo Research Storage offers scalable storage to U-M researchers. The service provides NFSv3 and NFSv4 access. Turbo offers two security levels, one for some types of sensitive data, and one for non-sensitive data. Performance is intended to be sufficient for both IO operations and build file access

Videoconferencing Room Systems

ITS provides consultation, equipment, installation, training, and ongoing support for videoconferencing room systems.