Consulting Services

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Mobile Applications

The Mobile Application Services consist of strategies, methodologies, technologies and tools that facilitate and enable Mobile development across campus. Mobile applications can consist of applications ("apps") that can be deployed to marketplaces like iTunes and Google Play as well as a "mobile view" of a website that lets customers view it on any device.

LSA Security

LSA IT provides several security services for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, including:

  • Audit Logs & Monitoring
  • Education, User Awareness, and Consulting
  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Management
LSA Research Support

LSA IT Advocacy and Research Support staff are happy to provide 4 programs under the "Research Support" service:

  • Data management
  • Device integration
  • Procurement
  • Technology consulting for proposals and grants
LSA Research Programming & Applications

LSA IT Advocacy and Research Support staff are happy to provide custom IT design and development resources to support research activities.

LSA Network Consulting

LSA IT can work with you and ITS to evaluate your current environment, identify IT requirements for new ones, and coordinate with the relevant U-M partners to improve your networking and IT.

LSA Management Information Systems (MIS)

The Management Information Systems team develops and maintains administrative information systems on behalf of the College and its departments. Additionally, MIS staff perform ad hoc administrative data retrieval and analysis for LSA departments and for the Dean's Office. 

LSA High Performance Computing

LSA IT Advocacy and Research Support staff provide help utilizing campus-wide and local cluster computing resources for research, including training classes and workshops for the entire U-M community.

LSA Geographic Information System (GIS) Consulting

LSA IT Geographic Information System (GIS) consultants assist with making maps, geospatial analysis, interactive web mapping, mobile GIS, and incorporating GIS in your teaching and research. We offer a variety of GIS workshops, which can be tailored to your course's or research group's specific domain and needs. We can also help you leverage GIS resources, such as the LSA Enterprise GIS Service.

LSA Field IT Equipment Evaluation and Demonstration Program

Mobile hardware and software for your field work, whether it is using GIS, gathering data outdoors, conducting door-to-door surveys, or visiting archives. Researchers can borrow and evaluate state-of-the-art IT solutions, as well as receive guidance on best-practices; a try-before-you-buy approach.

LSA Desktop Support

LSA IT has several teams who provide desktop computer support to faculty and staff across the college. Learn more about what services we provide.

LSA ArcGIS Enterprise Service

The ArcGIS Enterprise Service provides members of LSA with access to enterprise-level data collaboration, sharing, and management features. The service supports enterprise geodatabases, web services, and distributed geoprocessing or geoanalytics.

LSA Advocacy

Advocates act as consultants in LSA departments to support the technology needs of faculty, staff and students. An LSA IT Advocate provides:

  • Personal attention to and focus on a specific departments’ IT needs.
  • Help navigating the IT landscape.
  • Shepherding of IT solutions that address their technology needs.
IT Security DRBC Planning IT Security DRBC Planning

The IT Security Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning service helps units identify risks and threats to unit operational missions and institutional data, and puts plans in place to minimize any potential interruptions.

IT Security Consulting IT Security Consulting

A highly skilled information security professional from ITS will perform or assist with IT security work tailored to unit requirements on a short or long-term basis.

End User Computing Engineering Contract Services

Campus units requiring general compute engineering support to meet project needs are able to contract with ITS to receive help from the ITS EUC MiWorkspace Engineering team.

The types of general compute projects may vary by unit need. Engineering staff members will be matched to the requirements and business case provided by the unit.

Email to request the service or support.

Desktop Support Contract Services

Campus units requiring additional IT desktop support personnel to meet surge, project, or event staffing needs are able to contract with ITS to receive help from the Neighborhood IT desktop support group within ITS.

The types of traditional desktop support duties may vary by unit need. Desktop support staff members will be matched to requirements of each engagement and will work within the local environment by utilizing unit-provided tools and processes. Units are responsible for providing training/orientation. ITS technologies, including desktop technologies and service management tools, are not included with this service.

Email to request the service or support.