Also known at U-M as Institutional File System (IFS) or MFile, the Andrew File System (AFS) is a central file storage, sharing, and retrieval system that you can access from Mac, Windows, and Unix computers. AFS eliminates the need to carry flash drives or other external storage mediums.

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AFS provides a central, convenient place to store files and documents.  AFS eliminates the need to carry flash drives or other external storage mediums.   AFS is backed-up regularly, eliminating the risk of lost or damaged files.  The file sharing feature is useful in sharing files particularly on Linux/Unix and sharing files in that environment.   AFS allows you to control access to your files.  ITS will create volumes, PTS entries for IP based ACLs, etc. upon customer request.



Some of the features of AFS include:

Feature or Capability Description
Integrates with UNIX Integrates with UNIX and can be mounted natively on UNIX machines
Snapshots User accessible snapshot volumes once every 24 hours
Disaster Recovery AFS allows for single copies to another data center for Disaster Recovery
Web Access Web access to AFS through mFile, including off campus
Security Robust security permissions and infrastructure. Users can set permission on an individual level, mapped to a specific directory
Encryption Optional network encryption
Web Hosting AFS can be used for web hosting


Who can use the service?: 

The AFS service will be available for all faculty, staff, and students on the Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses, with exceptions for users working with restricted data.

Rates & Pricing: 

No service rate available at this time.

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